ONLINE INCOME These days most people around the world seems to spend more time on the computer or Internet . Among them, many make their daily income through the Internet. ’money,money,money’ seems like a great panacea. And the Internet has provided many easy means of making money. There are individuals, who make $100-500$ per month(sometimes, even more)! There are -of course- many difficulties to be faced in this money making business. One needs to have a strong and patient mind for making online income their only income. Out of 100, only 5% people, become successful at the very beginning, others take at least 6 months to earn their first $. Their is an age limit in some sites. But, there are other sites which allow even students to work and earn enough for their daily needs. There are almost 1000s of websites that allow you to make money online. Some are spams, others can be trusted. One needs to be aware of such sites and try to avoid it at the most. There are some sites, which demand money from you. These CANNOT be trusted. Don’t even look at such sites. Keep away from such sites. There are many ways of earning money online like- attending surveys, reading emails, writing articles, affiliate program’s etc. There are some disadvantages in online income too. 1. Lack of personal interaction with people. 2. Fewer personal networks. 3. Health deficiencies may develop from frequent exposure to the computer. 4. The legitimacy of your job. 5. Increased mental stress. It’s good for someone considering having a full-time online job to carefully weigh both sides of the equation before committing. Online jobs are not suited for everyone. Other factors such as lifestyle, discipline in work schedule, health and home demands should also be taken into consideration. For those planning to shift from desk work, carefully assess yourself, your goals and your lifestyle before you take on this new route.